Dr. Nelson's Tips for Dealing with Divorce

Latrice Knighton is a member of the Sterling Law Offices partner team and an award-winning divorce attorney, life coach, and speaker. She helps clients resolve their problems by using legal techniques and smart tactics learned through decades of experience.  She is able to help clients by offering the best practical advice.  by Latrice Knighton, J.D., May 15, 2018

Every person going through a divorce is experiencing some emotions about the process.  It could be fear, anxiousness, anger, relief, confusion, sadness, disappointment, etc.  You may benefit from having someone to talk to about how you are feeling so you can focus on getting the best resolution of your divorce case for both you and your family.

I interview Dr. Dawn Nelson of the Centre for Human Flourishing (centreforhumanflourishing.com) so you know how a psychologist can help you in a divorce, and coping tips for those going through a divorce.