"About Dr. Nelson, . . . it was a very enlightening 3 years. Sent to her by my physician when diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder, she quickly reasoned that I had other unhealthy attitudes and emotions to be taken care of before the gender issues could be properly addressed. With patience and kindness she led me through a transformation of self that resulted in proper life decisions I would never have made without her. Having been born male, and now fully integrated as female, I can say that the changes I made under her care are far more profound than a gender transformation. My view of the world; view of self; understanding of others; and self-examination are all different and more healthy now. I  . . . will never forget her or the profound differences she led me through making my life so much better."  Andrews, Cherokee County, North Carolina


"Thank you Dr. Nelson. . . . for helping me, listening to me, and working with me at my pace. I have learned a lot about my self over the past couple of years and the struggles I had and have in my life. I know that I am a lot better person now dealing with feelings and thoughts instead of wishing them away or pretending they didn't happen or they didn't matter. My head is out of the sand. . . . I am so very thankful that I know I can stand up and rock the boat and express my concerns without feeling guilty ... I am grateful to have had you to listen to me, without bias persuasion one way or another ..."  Murphy, Cherokee County, North Carolina